3 Reasons Why Branding Is Important for Packaging

At its most basic, packaging is designed to protect your product. Sturdy, high-quality packaging prevents your product from getting damaged while it’s moving from one point of your supply chain to the next.  What if packaging could do much more than just protect your products, though? Enter: custom branded packaging. Nowadays, it’s a must for … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Branding Is Important for Packaging

10 Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Points Wrong packaging material Wasteful packaging Overpacking Label errors Not using the correct protection Design Using unlicensed design elements Overcomplicated design Bad unboxing experience Misleading Lack of branding and uniqueness Packaging is the first point of interaction with the customer. It is the brand element that influences customers buying decisions, therefore, it needs to be … Continue reading 10 Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Ship fragile items safely

With the constant growth of e-commerce in today’s markets, safely shipping fragile items has never been more important. We’ve all heard the horror stories of packaged items getting damaged or even ruined during their shipping journey. Whether it be negligence from the delivery person or simply the tumultuous conditions during the lengthy travel time, damaged … Continue reading Ship fragile items safely

Sustainable Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

A few years ago, sustainable packaging was just a cool thing to implement into your brand to attract niche consumers. However, nowadays sustainable packaging is leading to be the standard amongst all big and small businesses. It’s predicted that by 2040, the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will triple. Both businesses and consumers take … Continue reading Sustainable Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

Beginners Guide to Custom Packaging

With the emergence of e-commerce, small businesses now have the opportunity to grow at a much faster pace and compete with big-name competitors like never before. Social media and easy-to-build websites have been very helpful platforms for new businesses to grow and differentiate themselves. Another way to stand out in this ever-changing market is to … Continue reading Beginners Guide to Custom Packaging


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