10 Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid


  • Wrong packaging material
  • Wasteful packaging
  • Overpacking
  • Label errors
  • Not using the correct protection


  • Using unlicensed design elements
  • Overcomplicated design
  • Bad unboxing experience
  • Misleading
  • Lack of branding and uniqueness

Packaging is the first point of interaction with the customer. It is the brand element that influences customers buying decisions, therefore, it needs to be perfect. It is not easy to create packaging that is free of mistakes. But also there isn’t a lot of room for making mistakes in the competitive world of e-commerce businesses.

Here, we will go over all the common mistakes that you need to avoid to create the perfect and eye-catching packaging that will help you stand out. We will cover all the basic packaging and design mistakes to avoid.

Wrong packaging material

One of the initial steps of choosing a packaging is to select the material and the quality of the box. Many will select boxes that are affordable and widely available without any research on different materials. Take a look at your products and determine how much they weigh and how much protection they need.

Wasteful packaging

Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is catching more eyes amongst consumers and it’s generally good to care about our environment. According to a recent study, 67% of consumers find it important that a product has sustainable packaging.

recyclable materials. A selection of garbage for recycling. paper recyclable. waste paper recycling. Ecology

Avoiding wasteful packaging saves a lot of money on paying extra for shipping and buying void fillers. It also takes you out of the competition. Most businesses are now implementing eco-friendly packaging to showcase their appreciation of the earth and our environment. Make sure to avoid wasteful and unnecessary materials for your packaging.


Overload. Weighting of goods. The box is on the scales. Oversized cargo. Too much weight. In excess of the permissible weight. Baggage weight is more than permissible. Luggage too heavy.